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I changed my subject for this week because there were some very interesting questions about supplementing Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid.
The concerns are that most supplements contain the synthetic form of Vitamin-B12 and Folate while the body cannot always use these.


The chemical name for synthetic Vitamin-B12 is CYANOCOBALAMIN. It is made in the laboratory and the molecules are similar to the natural form as it present in meat.
The natural form of Vitamin-B12 is METHYLCOBALAMIN.
There is also a third natural form which is name ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN


When you eat meat, both natural forms of Vitamin-B12 are present. If your body needs more Adenosylcobalamin than what is present in the meat, the body will convert some of the Methylcobalamin into Adenosylcobalamin because we need both types for different functions. Under normal conditions and if your diet includes enough meat (like most South Africans!) it is seldom necessary to supplement Vitamin-B12.
If you do supplement you are most likely taking Cyanocobalamin. The body will convert this into both the natural forms, Methyl- and Adenosylcobalamin depending is how much you need of each.


Now we come to the difficult part. To be able to complete all these weird and wonderful tricks, the body needs a HEALTHY LIVER, enough PROBIOTICS, DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, strong enough STOMACH ACID and something that you probably have never heard about. It is called the INTRINSIC FACTOR. The lack of this factor causes Pernicious anaemia. During my almost 40 years in the laboratory, I can count on my fingers the incidence of this type of anemia. However, Megaloblastic anemia is fairly common. This is caused by poor nutrition and liver function.
No matter where your Vitamin-B12 comes from, you need ALL of these to make use of it. It has many functions in the body, amongst other to make healthy red blood cells, to detoxify the system (this is called the methylation process) and keep the nervous system healthy.
It serves no purpose to take extra supplements without attending to these first.
However, the Intrinsic factor is not something you can do anything about.
These factors and the treatment there of will be discussed in detail in the e-book concerning them. In the meantime, try to avoid antacids as far as possible.
For now we are merely looking at the best form of supplementing.


This well known supplement is also the synthetic form. This is converted to the active form called FOLATE.
Vitamin B12 and Folate go hand in hand – the one needs the other for absorption as well as for all their functions. For this reason it is always good practice to take a supplement containing both. If either is taken by itself for a period of time, the other can be depleted.


The converted forms of both Vitamin B12 and Folic acid are very expensive. They cost about ten times more than the synthetic forms. If in good health, both forms will do the same job. To overcome the Intrinsic factor, I always suggest taking the sublingual form. By dissolving and absorbing the tablet under the tongue, you bypass the possible destruction in the stomach. If you want to be sure that your product is effective you can have blood tests done or go for a Quantum analysis. The latter will also reveal poor liver function as well as stomach issues.

There are other vitamins, like Vitamin B3, which also have to be converted before the body can actually use them. Some minerals, like iron, are stored before they are transported on command to do their job. These will all be discussed in the e-book.

Until next week
Petro Beauvais