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Everybody complains of tiredness from time to time. However, there are different kinds of tiredness. It is normal to be tired after intense exercise or at the end of a day at the office. It is not normal to be tired morning, noon and night. It is also abnormal to wake up in the morning being tired. We must also get used to our own energy levels. We are not all jumping jacks!!
If you are constantly tired, find out what the cause is.


Anaemia is when the body does not have enough red blood cells or the red cells are of poor quality.
The most common cause of anaemia is a lack of iron but it can also be caused by Vitamin B12 and Folic acid deficiency.


Fluctuating blood sugar will also cause tiredness. Sugar is used for the production of energy but both high and low blood sugar cause tiredness. The reason for this is that in both cases there is no sugar in the cells for energy production. Lifestyle diabetes, also known as Type 2, is caused by insulin resistance. This means there is enough sugar but the cells do not allow the insulin to enter. Insulin is the carrier for sugar as well as for some minerals. The result of this is high blood sugar and low cellular sugar – similar to being thirsty at sea where there is lots of water but none to drink! Of course, if your blood sugar is low, there is nothing available for energy.


Minerals are salts from earth. Examples are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, iodine, zinc, selenium, vanadium etc…. All in all 84! Some of these, like magnesium, is also transported by insulin from the blood into the cells. Thus, if you are insulin resistant neither sugar not magnesium can get into the cells. Magnesium, like calcium and potassium, is needed for strong muscles. Don`t forget, the heart is just one big muscle! These minerals are essential for contraction and relaxing of the heart muscle and is often the cause of irregular heart beat. They are also linked to anxiety attacks.


Both an under- and over- active thyroid can be the cause of tiredness. Some of the mentioned minerals, like selenium and iodine are necessary for a healthy thyroid. However, thyroid problems can also be caused by the immune system and that is a very different kettle of fish! In this case, the immune system attacks the thyroid. This is an autoimmune response and the condition is called Hashimoto’s or Grave`s condition and is best treated by dietary changes and supplements.


This is the main organ for cleaning the system. Everything that goes into your body, is sorted by the liver into good, acceptable and bad. The more junk goes in, the harder the liver has to work. Blockages can occur, inflammation is caused, gallstones are formed. You can develope chemical hepatitis caused by all sorts of medication or viral hepatitis caused by a virus. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because something is natural, it cannot be harmful. It certainly can do a lot of damage.
Cirrhosis of the liver is not always caused by alcohol. Over indulging can also cause a fatty liver and this can also cause cirrhosis. I explained this in SUGAR METABOLISM.


Adrenal fatigue or Adrenal Burnout is very common in our modern lifestyle. It is caused by long term stress without replenishing the essential vitamins and minerals which are depleted during stressful periods.
There is another interesting factor when it comes to these vitamins and minerals. Stress also causes inflammation and the most common treatment for this, is cortisone injections and or tablets. Cortisone depletes Vitamin B5 which is responsible for cortisol and adrenaline production! The very common hip replacements are often caused by repetitive cortisone injections. It is known as a “cortisone hip”.

These are the most common causes for tiredness and as you can see, should never be ignored. Go to your doctor and if there is no apparent cause it is well worth your while to have a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis done to find out what your problem is. However, you must ensure to go to somebody who can do a proper interpretation of the readings.

Until next week

Petro Beauvais